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Forum » ...::: Cross Fire :::... » Noutaţi » Eveniment 20/05-23/05/2011
Eveniment 20/05-23/05/2011
LuchyData: Joi, 2011-05-19, 10:03 PM | Mesaj # 1
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Please note the event times have changed. We are focusing our time on the anti hack situation in the game and as such have changed the times when the double exp has happened.

Stay tuned to CF For more events and a content update coming soon!

If you need to check timezones please use this website:

Attention Soldiers!

Summer is approaching fast! It's time to get geared up and in to Cross Fire for some extreme playing!

For 4 Days over this weekend we'll be Doubling the EXP and removing the death statistic from 2pm to 5pm EST every day between May 20th and 23rd!
(This means that your deaths during this time will not count on your record. You can still die though, soldiers aren't invulnerable!!)
The Event Starts at 2pm EST May 20!

Spend some time in Cross Fire and get ready for a Summer Event Series of Epic Proportions. We'll have Theme Weeks, Weekend Events, Rival Factions updates, Contests and Promotions and of course our regular Content Updates!

There's lots to take part in so let this weekend be the gateway to your summer of Cross Fire!
Forum » ...::: Cross Fire :::... » Noutaţi » Eveniment 20/05-23/05/2011
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