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Algerian Patience Solitaire

Step away from traditional solitaire with Algerian Patience. In this 2-deck solitaire game, you must build 8 foundations up in suit: 4 from king to ace and 4 from ace to king. Build 8 columns up or down in suit. Watch out, the columns can only move one card at a time! Use the reserve when you need more cards. An unusual take on this card classic, Algerian Patience will test your patience and your mind.
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Seana, Alistair Horne touches upon those prtoests in A Savage War of Peace. I cannot recommend that book highly enough. And it's published by New York Review of Books Classics, so you could probably read it as part of a reading challenge.One interesting sidelight for me was the frequent analogies Horne draws between Algeria and Northern Ireland.Cara Black's books are pretty interesting. Her character rides a scooter and has a knack for finding fine fashions at bargain prices (wish fulfillment on the author's part, I suspect), but she has an equal knack for exploring uncomfortable, disturbing issues in French society and history.

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